Baykon BX10 Weighing Terminal

BAYKON BX10 is a state-of-the art indicator for industrial weighing applications. It has standard RS-232C serial port and 2 digital port which are programmable as input or output.
Powerfull calibration options including eCal electronic calibration without test weights supports easy and fast start up and service. BX10 is featuring adaptive digital filtering for fast settling, display resolution up to 999.999 with extremely stable indication and up to 1600 conversion per second speed.
It’s small size aluminum body provides perfect panel installation with small space in control panels. Its large 13,5 mm red LED display provides easy reading from far distance.


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Informasi Produk


  • 16.000.000 internal resolution
  • Big LED display
  • Programmable via PC
  • RS-232C serial interface
  • Ergonomic design with small size

BX10MB has additionaly;

  • RS485 serial interface
  • 2 pcs programmable digital In/Out

Powerful calibration

  • Calibration with test weight
  • eCal Electronic calibration
  • Calibration via serial interface
  • Span calibration under load
Accuracy class OIML class III
EU type approval 10.000 division
Linearity % 0.0015 FS
Temperature coefficient ≤ 2 ppm/°C
Display 6 digits, 7 segments, red, 13,5 mm high
Status annunciators Gross, net, motion, centre of zero, unit
Keyboard 5-keys (function, GN, tare/clear, zero, print)
Key lock Keys can be locked against unauthorized access
Type 24 bit Delta-Sigma ratiometric ADC
Conversion rate Up to 1600 measurements per second
Minimum input sensitivity 0.4 μV/d (Approved); 0.1 μV/d (Non approved)
Analogue input range 0 mV to -18 mV (unipolar); -18 mV to +18 mV (bipolar)
Resolution Internal up to 16.000.000; up to 10 000 increment (Approved); up to 999 999 increment (Non approved)
Calibration eCal: Electronic calibration without etalon weights
sCal: Span calibration of non-emptied tanks
Digital filter 10 step adjustable adaptive digital filter
Weighing functions Tare, zeroing, auto zero tracking, motion detection, auto-zero at power-up.
Other functions Label number, gross, tare indication.
I / O port 2 ports can be programmed as digital input or digital output, non-isolated
RS-232C seri port 1200 to 115200 baud, programmable
Continuous, Printer, BSI (Baykon Serial Interface) protocol
RS-485 seri port 1200 to 115200 baud, programmable, 8 none 1, 7 even 1, 7 odd 1, 8 even 1 or 8 odd 1, up to 31 units on the bus
Modbus RTU 1200 to 115200 baud, 8 none 1, 8 even 1 or 8 odd 1, up to 31 units on the RS-485 bus
Excitation 5 VDC, max. 300 mA
Number of load cells Up to 8 load cells 350 Ω or up to 24 load cells 1100 Ω (min 43 ohm– max 1200 ohm)
Connection 4 or 6 wire technique. Cable length 1000 m/mm² for 6 wire connection
Operation temperature -15°C to +55°C
Enclosure Panel type, aluminum body, plastic front panel, stainless steel rear panel
48mm x 96mm panel size; 100mm depth
Power requirement 12 – 28 VDC, max. 300 mA
BX10 variants
BX10 RS-232C, 2 pcs progmmable digital input and output.
BX10 MB Modbus RTU on RS–485 or RS-232C, 2 pcs programmable digital input and output.


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