Baykon BX22S Weighing Indicator

BX22S is a high quality general purpose weighing indicator in stainless steel housing. Its optional alibi memory provides usage with non-approved PC software for approved scales.
BX22SL, the increased lightning & surge voltage protected variant of BX22S, has a very high protection against lightning on its load cell and power supply connections. With its 2 pcs galvanically isolated RS232C ports, BX22SL has important advantage for industrial weighing applications, in particular for weighbridges.
BX22S operation modes; basic weighing, classifying supported with color changing multi-color display and livestock weighing with smart dynamic filter. With IP67 protected stainless steel housing, BX22S perfectly fits to wet, hygienic and harsh areas. BX22S and BX22SL have rechargeable Li-ion long life battery.


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Informasi Produk

Standard features

  • Stainless steeI, IP67 protected for wet, hygienic & harsh areas
  • 25 mm wide angle LCD display with multi-color backlight
  • Up to 30 000d display resolution
  • Long life Li-ion rechargeable battery

Lightning & Surge Voltage Protection

  • Protected load cell entry
  • Protected power line entry
  • Galvanically isolated 2 piece RS232C serial interfaces
  • Increased EMC immunity

Typical Applications

  • Basic weighing with multiple tare, auto tare, auto clear tare, auto print, unit change, etc.
  • Classifying with color changing display at Under, OK and Over, status bar on display,100 product memories, acoustic warning
  • Livestock weighing with smart dynamic weighing algorithm
  • Weighbridges againts lightning and electrical discharge• Industrial bench and floor scales in harsh environment
Accuracy OIML R76 Class III
EU Type approval 6.000 intervals (single range) or 2 X 6000 intervals (multi range)
Resolution 16.000.000 internal, up to 30000d display resolution
Weighing units g, kg, oz, lb
Unit change g-oz and kg-lb change by pressing programmed function key
Display 112x40mm extra wide angle multi color backlighted LCD with 25mm digit height
Buzzer Different buzzer mode to warn the operator at clssifying
Auto power off Programmable for saving battery life
Taring Multiple, automatic and tare-clear in sequence
Filter Very low, low, medium high and very high
G/N selection If enabled, G/N indication by pressing function key
Totalizing Yes
Product memory size 100 different products
Operator prompting Under, OK, Over status bars on multi color display and programmable buzzer
Dynamic Weighing
Animal weighing Supported by smart dynamic weighing algorithms
EMC protection  BX21S According to OIML R76 and related EMC standards
BX22SL Increased lightning protections of load cell, serial ports and power supply connection. RS-232C serial ports are galvanically isolated
Interface BX22S 2 pieces RS-232C serial ports
BX22SL 2 pieces galvanically isolated RS-232C serial ports
Alibi memory 65 000 weighing records (optional)
Data output Programable as continuous or various weighing ticket format
Date format Programable to, mm.dd.yyyy or
Ticket format Programable for different weighing modes. It may include Date, Time, Ticket No, Gross, Tare and Net weights
Date format Programable as, mm.dd.yyyy or
Printout language English, French, German, Spanish and Turkish
Housing Stainless steel, IP67, 224X134 mm
Mounting accesories Wall mount accesory is available as standard
Number of load cells Up to 4 load cells 350 Ω or up to 14 load cells 1200 Ω (min. 85 Ω)
Battery 2000 mAh Li-ion, up to 36 hours continuous operation for single load cell, 24 hours continuous operation for 4×350 Ohm load cells
Power 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, optional 12 VDC input


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