Baykon BX30 BW Baggage Scale Indicators

BX30 BW is designed for airport baggage weighing solutions consisting two separate indicators for check-in operator and passengers. The weighing values like baggage weight, total baggage weight and count of the baggages are shown at both displays and these values can be transferred to the computer.
External buttons option for totalizing and resetting provides fast and easy operation. Overweight warning visually by changing color and beep sound. It can be connected to belt conveyor scales or standard scale platforms. Its panel type enclosure enables panel mounting or hanging into new or existing check-in desk which provides easy montage.


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Informasi Produk

Fast & Easy Operation

  • Weight, Total Weight and Number of baggage indication
  • External button connection for totalizing and resetting
  • Audio & Visual overweight warning
  • Data exporting to server


  • Stainless steel front panel
  • Bright, easy to read display
  • Panel mounting or hanging in check-in desk
  • Connection to conveyor or platform scale
  • Interfaces; RS232C, RS422, RS485, Ethernet TCP/IP

BX30 BW Baggage Scale Indicators spec

Dimensi 90 × 125 × 60 cm


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