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The digital era of weighing is born

  • Weighing system with the latest digital technology.
  • Xtrem technology connects the weighing terminal to any Xtrem platform. Complete balance autonomy: all weighing data is stored inside, while the terminals display the information only.
  • Multi-indicator: The platform connects to any indicator or PC connected to the network.
  • Interchangeable indicators needing no adjustment: Quick replacement without interruptions.
  • Total flexibility: data sent by cable or WiFi*.
  • Connects to WiFi network*, with the data sent to any equipment connected to it or to any other IP network.
  • Configurable autozero, for weighing tanks and silos.
  • PC connection via cable or WiFi.
  • Very high resolution with Xtrem S**

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The compatible indicators and Xtrem applications for PC and mobile terminals can be connected to any Xtrem platform to obtain the data from each. aplikasi timbangang-gram_Xtrem_ESP_05


The K3X, K3iX, MK3 and MK3P indicators can be connected via the connection cable, or a PC with the Xtrem PC application. Also, at the same time as the Wifi option, the K3W, K3iW indicators, a PC with Xtrem* PC software and the Xtrem app (for IOS or Android) can also be connected wirelessly in a touch terminal. All terminals can interact simultaneously with the platform. Router connection via the WiFi option. Can be connected to any equipment on the network and from anywhere (depending on the network and router configuration). This connection is independent of the direct cable or WiFi connection aplikasi timbangang-gram_Xtrem_ESP_06

Smartphone or Tablet Indicator

  • Via our app, you can record the weights with username, customer, date/time, product code and net, gross and tare weights.
  • Send weight records via email, social networks and most of the IOS terminal and Android* applications.
  • Up to 4 IOS or Android terminals can be connected via our Xtrem app to the Xtrem balance.
  • The application can be connected to any balance, if more than one is available.
  • The product bar code can be scanned with the terminal camera*.
  • Has a Tare memory with a name database.
  • View weight limits with partial and full screen.
  • Export the results obtained* to Excel.

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Bar code scanner

The bar code scanning feature uses the smartphone or tablet camera to add the product code to the records.

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Tare memory with name

Has a numerical tare entry, with name and value database for greater speed. aplikasi timbangang-gram_Xtrem_ESP_09

Classification by weight

Dedicated screen for weight limit control, so you can use the coloured arrows on the screen for weight selection aplikasi timbangang-gram_Xtrem_ESP_10

Exportable results

Weighing data can be easily exported* in csv format (Excel compatible) and sent as a message, copied, stored or sent via social networks (WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat or any compatible application installed on the terminal).

*With Premium options activated

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High resolution

When activated, a resolution 10 times higher is displayed. aplikasi timbangang-gram_Xtrem_ESP_12

Instant memory

Keeps the last weight determination on the display until another item is weighed. Very useful function if you do not want to store the entry and it has to be done manually. aplikasi timbangang-gram_Xtrem_ESP_13

Your PC as a smart indicator

  • Our Xtrem PC application has a large reading display and all the functionalities of a traditional indicator. The size of the application is scalable: it can be made full screen or just a part of it, as necessary.
  • Keeps the value shown on the display until another item is placed on the weighing platform.
  • Copies and pastes the weight, or drags it to another window.
  • Enter a tare value using the numeric keypad.
  • Allows configuration of the balance from the same application.
  • Shows several devices connected to the PC simultaneously, each in its own window.
  • 10 times higher resolution available on the display.
  • Weight data exported by QR code.

aplikasi timbangang-gram_Xtrem_ESP_14

Drag and paste

Drag the indicated value to the window of another application, or perform this operation via the copy and paste function. aplikasi timbangang-gram_Xtrem_ESP_15

Instant memory

Keeps the last weight determination on the display until another item is weighed. Very useful function if no printed record is available and it has to be done manually aplikasi timbangang-gram_Xtrem_ESP_16

High resolution

A 10 times higher resolution is available at the press of a button. aplikasi timbangang-gram_Xtrem_ESP_17

Cable and cable-free indicators

  • Digital connection with and without cable with Xtrem platforms.
  • WiFi for a wireless connection (K3W, K3iW).
  • Digital cable, free from interference (K3X, K3iX).
  • Up to 4 WiFi indicators connected to the same balance (K3W, K3iW).
  • Compatible with Gram Xtrem application for smartphone and tablet (K3W, K3iW).
  • Interchangeable with any Xtrem scale.


  • 100-article memory with alphanumeric code.
  • Classification or check by weight with display in 2 bright colours.
  • Part counting function with unit weight memory of 100 items.
  • 2 Autohold levels to keep the display reading once the object is removed.
  • Dispensing of a product at two speeds, with optional relay board.
  • Accumulation of weights with totalling.
  • High resolution, shows 10 times the standard resolution.
  • Automatic, normal or fixed tare.
  • Memory of 20 pre-set tares.
  • Ticket printing (with optional printer

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Indicators with WiFi connection

The digital models WiFi K3W and K3iW (stainless steel version) receive the data from the scale through the Xtrem module integrated via WiFi, without cables. These can be exchanged, thanks to the Xtrem digital weighing technology. Maximum coverage of up to 40 metres in areas without obstacles (this range may be smaller, depending on the environmental conditions and area of use).

Up to 4 x K3iW and K3W units can be connected to the same balance, with all units being fully operational and able to work simultaneously.

The K3iW model is manufactured with a highly resistant AISI304 stainless steel structure. aplikasi timbangang-gram_Xtrem_ESP_19

Indicators connected by cable

The K3X and K3iX digital displays (stainless steel version) show the data received by the balance through the Xtrem module, via the connection cable. These are interchangeable, thanks to their Xtrem digital technology.

The cable connection is also compatible with the Xtrem platform WiFi option. This way, you can have a K3X or K3iX indicator connected by cable, and another K3W and/or K3iW model indicators connected by WiFi, with all displaying the weight value at the same time and with all their functions operational. You can also connect Android or IOS smartphone terminals with our Xtrem app software to control the platform from these devices, in conjunction with other classical indicators.

The K3iX model has a highly resistant AISI304 stainless steel structure.

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